Book Review: Craving Him by Kendall Ryan


Craving Him is a continuation of Ben Shaw and Emmy Clarke’s story from Kendall Ryan’s Working It. I absolutely loved Working It! The book took my breath away in parts and the storyline moved along quickly. Craving Him gave Ben and Emmy the HEA we were all wanting.

Ben is a supermodel that every woman fantasizes about but he only has eyes for Emmy, his sweet, curvy Southern Belle. Problem is that at the end of Working It, Ben and Emmy are going to piece back together their broken relationship. I don’t want to ruin Working It but the curveball from that book has ramifications seen through 3/4 of Craving Him. I would argue that you need to read Working It first.

Emmy and Ben run through the gamut of relationship problems in this book and it is fantastic to see Ben willing to fight for what he wants and needs….Emmy. Emmy has a hard time dealing with how different their lifestyles are and is not sure she can handle all the baggage that comes with Ben. She opens herself time and time again but ends up being hurt.

Without her best friend and roommate, Ellie, Emmy never would have survived Craving It. Quite honestly, Ellie was my favorite character in this book. She delivered some awesome one liners.

“Oh boy, this douche canoe again….”
“Vodka? Chocolate? A blowtorch to fry his balls? What do you need?”

I can’t wait to see what fireworks happens between Ellie and Bray in the next book. Kendall Ryan never disappoints. Every book she writes, I enjoy.

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