Book Review: The Proposition Part 3 by HM Ward….I’m still reeling….

10151205_724588084246953_846430087_nI don’t get it.  I don’t understand it.  But HM Ward gets me every time.  She sucks me in and leaves me wanting more.  I couldn’t get enough of Prop 3 and was turning the pages at the end hoping that it wouldn’t end.  HM Ward is a brilliant story teller and some how has turned serials into an art form.

Prop 3 starts right where Prop 2 left off with Hallie and Maggie dealing with the murder that was witnessed and things taking a huge turn for Hallie.  I believe this is pivotal point in Hallie’s evolution as a character.  It hardens her and strengthens her at the same time.  There is no going back from where she has gone and she knows it.  What will be the ramifications?

Bryan calls in his proposition and there is some explosive sex scenes between the two.  We witness Brian’s softer side with Hallie toward the end of the book.  We also get a bit more information on Brian’s condition and his pill popping.  We don’t find out much but you realize that there is something truly wrong  with Bryan and he isn’t even sharing the information with his cousin Jon.

What you leave Part 3 with is a whole lot of anguish for these two characters.  Will we finally figure out their backstory? Will they finally be honest with each other?  And will their current actions and agendas bring them together or destroy them?

Once again, I am left hanging until Prop 4 comes out next month!

Another 5 star by HM Ward.  I received an ARC for an honest review.

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