Easy, Fun and Colorful Easter Craft


I am sure you have seen this craft on Pinterest a million times…well, so have I!  I decided to finally give it a go and it was fun and super easy.

This is what you will need:

1. Embroidery floss (this is easy to go overboard on…so many colors)

2. Elmer’s glue or liquid starch

3. Water balloons

First thing is first, blow up your water balloons.  This is what your husband is for!  If you have a pump, much easier!

Mix your elmer’s glue with water so that it is watery.  Then take the string and circle it around the glue mixture.  This way it will not get tangled.  IMG_7222

I used one skein of embroidery floss per balloon.  Then all you do is just wrap the string around the balloon.



This is the finished project!  I would make one suggestion, don’t lay them down.  If you can hang them up with a clothespin to dry.  If you do lay them down, make sure to roll them over.  The glue/water mixture drains to the bottom and takes a long time to dry.



I think they turned out great!




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