Ever Need An Outlet?

I decided maybe I should explain why I decided to start this blog or at least go into a bit more detail since I have had quite a few people ask me. What’s up with all the book reviews and book info? Why are you blogging? Well, there is a simple answer. I need an outlet.

For anyone that knows me well, they know I do better with a ton on my plate and I am not a happy camper when I am not busy. Giving birth to two rowdy little boys has been a huge challenge and it kept me pretty darn busy for the last couple of years. But as any mom can tell you, sometimes raising your kids doesn’t quite hit the spot, so to speak. Now, please don’t read into this too much. I love my kids. I love being their mom. But somewhere in the midst of all the late nights, bottles, potty training, kid activities, I felt myself disappear a bit. I think this is totally normal and I know from talking to my friends, everyone feels this way. It is hard not to lose yourself in the course of raising children. We are tasked with the challenge of turning these small people into good human beings. It is a huge responsibility and sometimes the weight of it can crush us.

So….to give me a place to go and just take a bit of time for myself, I decided to blog. I have always enjoyed reading and writing and this seemed to be a natural fit for me. I spend a good deal of time on the internet looking at and reading blogs that cover everything from DIY, parenting, reading, and cooking. I love stumbling across a post that helps me in my everyday life whether with a recipe, a home improvement tip, an activity with my kids and of course, I can always use another good book to read. I can read book blogs all day long.

As I start my adventure on this blog, I am going to post whatever hits me at the moment. I am going to share a little of myself and send it out into the cyber universe. Yes, you will see a ton of posts on books because let’s be honest, I read like a mad woman. But you will also see a little bit of our life in DC. I hope you enjoy it because I sure know I will because each post I write on this blog means I took a little time to reflect on my life and what brings me happiness and pleasure! So here goes nothing…

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