Have you watched The Affair yet?


The first season of The Affair premiered on Showtime in October 2014.  As usual, I was a bit late to the game but thanks to my good friend Jere, I decided to watch this one while on maternity leave.  Over the ten episodes of its first season, The Affair chronicles the story of a handsome novelist, Noah as he falls for a beautiful waitress Alison.  Who among us has not experienced some form of complicated love.  This is the appeal of the show.  And we have to mention that the story is told from dual POVs.  I am loving this trend which we have seen take flight in the book world in the New Adult genre.

Dominic West (Noah) and Ruth Wilson (Alison), both Brits who make American bed-hopping worthy of watching, knock their performances out of the park the whole season.  Their are moments when you sympathize with both and moments when you want to slap them across the face.  Can we forget the scene where Alison drains Helen (Noah’s wife) expensive shampoo down the drain just because she can or where Noah is sleeping with anything that breaths in his space in the season finale.images

For much of the season, Noah is in agony as he tries to write a bestselling novel but that’s only half the story. Mid-way through each episode, the show flips to Alison’s P.O.V., in which we saw many of the same plot details through her interpretation. I absolutely loved this part.  The same scenes would play out from each POV and it shows just how differently two people can remember the exact same event and details of the event.  The best part is in the background, you hear a 3rd party and clearly they are trying to piece together the story because someone has died.  The speculation was never ending during the first few episodes.  By the last episode, you receive a few answers but your mind is spinning as to where this show will take you in season 2.  What will happen in the second season of The Affair…catch up and stay tuned in!

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