John Talk – Ode to Age(ing)

When a man turns 40,Mr Cool
Or shortly before,
He might want to feel excited,
And not such a bore.
40 is old,
Or so they say.
So what does one do?
Get away.
The wife planned a trip,
And without either boy.
The spot had to be fun,
So as to bring great joy.

Us Dinner
I wanted a place,
That I’d never been to.
But I also wanted to go,
Where the fun runs true.
We picked New Orleans!
‘Cause the place is a blast.
We flew in on a Friday,
For three days at last!
We landed in rain,
And made it to our room.
By dinner we were ready,
To hit the town, Boom!
Dinner was a butcher shop,
The sandwiches were neat.Butcher Dinner
Then back toward the hotel,
Just a block off Bourbon Street.
We hit the street late,
Walking up and walking down.
With a drink in hand,
How could there have been a frown.

John Bourbon
Saturday morning found us walkingCemetary
Through local cemeteries galore.
Then we hit Commander’s Palace,
For food and much more.

Thanks to Court and Matt,
We ate very well.
A trolley car ride later,
And a ring of the bell.

Street Car
Back to the hotel,
And the rooftop pool.
We hadn’t had sun,
Winter was long and too cool.

I fell asleep by the water,
Felling oh so great.
Lots of Vitamin D,
To rejuvenate my state.
But too much sun,
Can sometimes be rough.
I pinked myself good,
And I wasn’t that tough.
I HATE being burned,
Even if just a bit.
I whined to the wife,
And she gave me s###!
But I got it together,
For dinner would be grand.
Reservations at GW Fins,
With my wife in hand.

The food was tasty,
And the wine was quite sweet.
We had a celebratory dinner,
Then back to Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Night
One last go,
To some local’s prime spot.
A little music and whiskey.
A little?  Maybe a lot.

We woke Sunday morning,
To make one big mistake.
Never walk down Bourbon Street,
For it stinks and is dirty for goodness sake.

Bourbon Day
And breakfast on Sunday,
How could I forget?
Café du Monde for beignets,
And Chicory coffee I had to get.

Then we made it back to DC,
What a glorious trip.
40 won’t be so bad.
‘Cause 50 will be here in just a zip.
I actually turned 40,
While heading to work.
Monday, March 31st,
For the pre-April Fool’s jerk.


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