Out of Line Super Fan Day



I was super excited to be selected as one of Jen McLaughlin’s Super Fans for this week leading up to the release of Out of Mind.  If you haven’t read her Out of Line New Adult Series, pick them up now.  I received the ARC of Out of Mind and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book.  It releases April 29th!

My review for Out of Line:

Out of Mind is the 3rd and final installment in the Out of Line trilogy.  I often find that the ending of trilogies can be a bit disappointing but Jen finishes this trilogy with an absolutely heartwarming HEA.  I won’t say it is an issue road for our couple but Carrie and Finn navigate quite a difficult road in this book.  If you haven’t read the first two books, definitely read Out of Line and Out of Time first.

In Out of Mind, Finn comes home to Carrie but he is the only soldier that survives a horrible explosion in his platoon.  He is both mentally and physically damaged.  He and Carrie both know he is suffering from PTSD and neither knows what to do to help him through it.  PTSD is not dealt with lightly and it was refreshing that a romance novel didn’t “pretty up” an extremely ugly and dangerous issue for our vets.  Jen McLaughlin doesn’t make it easy for Finn and Carrie to overcome Finn’s PTSD and there are chapters that are gut wrenching and hard to read.  PTSD can destroy a person’s life and relationships and Finn and Carrie really suffer in this book from it.  The months that Finn and Carrie are separated seemed honest, realistic, and brutal.  Writing these chapters must have been difficult for Jen but this is what makes her shine as an author.

In the end, Carrie and Finn work through their issues and end up with a fantastic HEA.  It was a bit crushing for the series to end but Out of Mind really ended the series on  an extreme high note.  The storyline was strong and touching.  I finished this book in one reading.  I couldn’t put it down.  Jen McLaughlin never fails to give us a steamy romance but she was really exceptional in Out of Mind. Jen, I can’t wait for our next New Adult Series!

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