The Mini Mid-life crisis

In any father’s life, a man faces an inevitable event that can push him over the edge of logic and reason.  As a father of 2 boys that are about to embark on the facets of youth requiring one boy to head one way for a soccer practice and another boy to head another way for a baseball game on a Saturday morning, I and my (wife) recently realized that my action packed 1999 Acura Integra is just not equipped for transporting one, let alone both of the boys.   See?


Cool (in 2001), but small.  Especially when you are already toting an empty paint can, some unopened Christmas decorations, and other useless needed junk stuff.

I mean it will be hard to give all this up.


But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

So my lovely wife gave me almost complete full range to get just about any car I want.  Now she knows me well enough to know that although we could theoretically get a third mortgage on our home to get my dream car of an Aston Martin Vanquish,


I’d never do that.

And living in the city of DC, as in the noted pics above for the Integra, little accidents happen all the time.  So I wanted something nice, but not too nice.  I love the Honda/Acura brands.  Aside for one vehicle, I’ve only owned them my whole life.  Even forced my wife into one.  But we already have a Pilot and apparently it is a (insert air quotes here) faux pas to own two of the same make/model vehicle (unless it’s a BMW, then its ok).  So getting a 2nd Pilot is out.  And Honda has no other SUV bigger than the Pilot.  The only option would be a minivan, and well, it’s a minivan.

So I’d try the Toyota Sequoia.  The $60K+ Toyota Sequoia.  Sure bigger, very bog.  But honestly, the bells and whistles on the inside were few and far between.  So I purchase a car, a big car, that will get beat up in the city without the amenities I want for $60K?  Really?

Then I tried the GMC line.  I looked at the Buick something, but from my childhood, Buick is just old, so I had to pass.  I tried the GMC Yukon with the Denali trim.  It was quite nice.  And I would hope so for $65K+.  It had the bells, the whistles, the trumpets, the French horns, the bassoons, the flutes, and all of the other wind instruments that I can’t think of right now.  It even had the ability to warm or cool your seats.  Sweet action to say the least.  But two problems on this one.  1) My father-in-law drives a GMC Yukon.  2) Its still $65K+.

So that leaves me with little to no options.  So I test drive the Honda Odyssey.  And, a week later after letting the wife and boys check it out, I became a minivan driver.  A 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

DSC_0007Getting In 3DSC_0009Inside 2

And do I feel less of a man, nope.  And why?  Because a real man knows that a vehicle that allows you to get into a car, without having to put your kids in (they can do it by themselves), is a blessing for day-to-day life.  And we saved over $20K!

Plus, when 50 rolls around for me, that Aston Martin Vanquish still will look just as fine.


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