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Would Wood Floor Suit Home Gym Environment?

Having Oregon or pine wood floors added to any old or new home remains a major attraction for any property owner. There is always a sense of elegance, nostalgia, charm and/or history attached to such materials. It is decorative to the eye. But is it functional? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. And this is not to detract from wood floor scottsdale contracting work because property owners now need to consider the form and function within their homes.

wood floor scottsdale

Take the home gym environment for example. You may have cancelled your city gym contract for now but do not be deceived by the wooden floors you used to tap on during your aerobics classes. You’ll have to understand that the gym owners will have arranged for the appropriate wood to be used. It’s the same wood that would be used in dance studios. But such floors will hardly be suitable for CrossFit training.

Because this is a sporting discipline that takes a whole lot more pounding. Domestic wood floorboards are not entirely ideal for the home gym environment. It would ultimately start to sink if you’re one of those tough guys doing regular heavyweight training with quite a collection of free but heavy weights. And for the installation of stationary gym equipment that has been designed for home use, the underlying floor area needs to be both flat and stable, something that wood may not always be able to do.

All good and well if you are only going to be doing light calisthenics type exercises. But then again, would it not be better for you to do these in your backyard where you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Unless, of course, it happens to rain a lot out your way.